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Terms and conditions

1. The service

The service is provided as is and without any commitment to availability. Many elements are outside of our control. We will provide the service as much as we are able and aim to provide 100% up time.

We may need to occasionally reboot our servers. This will be done out of peak hours unless the reboot is not avoidable. Notice of a reboot will not usually be given.

2. Fair use and decency

The service is provided for the use of individuals. Any hording of username, sitting on usernames, offering username for sale etc. will not be tolerated and counter measure will be put in place.

We reserve the right to delete any user (or deny service to those) who acts outside of the norm, who carry out actions that may harm the reputation or service provided.

Where a username has not been used or accessed for some time it may be deleted and returned to the available pool.

3. Usernames and links

Username found to be insulting, vulgar, racist or the like will be renamed, or the account delete. Links to illegal, vulgar, racist or the like will be deleted. Where violations are numberous or consistant, the account will be deleted.

4. Errors and omissions

I hope to keep these terms short and to the point. They will be updated from time to time and notice may not always be given. Terms will always be worded in favor of the site, and its law abiding users. Terms are here to protect ourselves and give users clear guidance as to what is and what is not allowed.

5. Development and maintenance

The site is evolving on an ongoing basis. We are constantly looking to improve the service offered and welcome any constructive feedback. As the site is continuing to evolve some items will change over time. We aim to enhance the service only, as such nothing will be removed or disabled without notice.

6. Data retention and email communication

To provide the service we hold a certain amount of date. This includes, your email, your account name, your password (salted), the links you submit and statistical data (click counter etc.). From time to time we may contact you by email. These will always be service related emails and are considered compulsory to the service and will not offer an unsubscribe option.

( is a British company. Tax on revenue is paid in the UK and not lost to global corporations.)